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Laura Stevens, Owner

Laura's life has been driven by a passion for horses. At age six, atop Bay Lady, her first horseback experience, Laura found herself where she wanted to be forever. She has spent the past 30 years teaching and competing in Welsh, western and hunter shows, 3-day events and driving competitions. 

Heather Hill Farm was founded by Pat Holmes in Woodside, California circa 1971. Heather Hill Farm established its excellent reputation for importing and breeding the good-natured, hardy Welsh Cobs. In 1996, Laura Stevens was recruited by Pat to become trainer and partner in the Heather Hill breeding and showing business. When Pat passed away in June of 2006, she gave the Heather Hill Farm name to Laura who has built an unparalleled riding and training facility on the Peninsula.

Laura earned a B.S. in Biological Sciences from Davis in 1986. Upon graduating, the late Pat Holmes recruited Laura to become Co-Owner of Heather Hill Farms which specializes in Welsh Cobs. The Welsh Cob is a breed that comes in appropriate sizes and temperaments to be used safely by children and adults of all abilities. Laura and Pat built up the premier herd of section "D" Welsh Cobs in the United States. Laura has hand-raised and lovingly trained these horses.


Kristin Olson

Kristin's life has been spent around horses. At age five, she started vaulting with the Sundance Vaulting Club, where she continued to vault through high school. At Sundance, Kristin played a prominent role in many championship vaulting teams, and competed internationally for many years.

Kristin's passion for the horses led her to seek a profession in the equestrian world. She has worked at the Sundance Vaulting Club where she exercised and groomed horses. From there, she went on to work as a vaulting instructor at the Pacific Coast Vaulting Club. She joined the Heather Hill family and began working as Laura's assistant trainer in 2004.


Salome Milstead

Salome is the great-granddaughter of Fat Jones, the founder of the motion picture horse wrangling industry. When Fat rented his personal horse to a Western one-reeler film in 1918, an entire industry was born. With passion for horses in her DNA, Salome has always found a way to keep riding since her earliest pony rides and summer camps. 

Salome works full time for San Francisco Unified School District as co-director of the Ruth Asawa School of the Arts Film Department and the director of the English faculty. She brings her love of teaching to Heather Hill and especially loves working with adult re-riders.