Laura Stevens' outstanding facility promotes excellence in horsemanship, a close-knit community, and personalized care for horse and rider.  Heather Hill Riding Center's philosophy is based on regard for the individual nature of the horse and student. Our approach is highly personalized drawing from a variety of teaching practices. Our students work across disciplines building confidence and expertise.  Through instruction in both horsemanship and equitation, students are prepared to join in group lessons, compete with the show team, and most significantly, be a member of our close community of riders and their families.

Members of the Heather Hill Riding Center lease our Old World Welsh Cobs and Ponies to participate in this riding tradition. Mixed with contemporary health, safety and training practices, Heather Hill Riding Center creates a unique opportunity for riders to be part of something timeless.

Contact us to learn more about our lessons, leasing and training programs as well as opportunities to own an old world Welsh Cob or Pony. 

Heather Hill Horses